Diabetics High Blood Pressure Therapy Laser Watch Clean Blood Laser Therapeutic Acupuncture Anti Aging Medical Watch Laser in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health

Diabetics High Blood Pressure Therapy Laser Watch Clean Blood Laser Therapeutic Acupuncture Anti Aging Medical Watch Laser in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health
Diabetics High Blood Pressure Therapy Laser Watch Clean Blood Laser Therapeutic Acupuncture Anti Aging Medical Watch Laser in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health
Diabetics High Blood Pressure Therapy Laser Watch Clean Blood Laser Therapeutic Acupuncture Anti Aging Medical Watch Laser in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health
Diabetics High Blood Pressure Therapy Laser Watch Clean Blood Laser Therapeutic Acupuncture Anti Aging Medical Watch Laser in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health
Diabetics High Blood Pressure Therapy Laser Watch Clean Blood Laser Therapeutic Acupuncture Anti Aging Medical Watch Laser in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health
Diabetics High Blood Pressure Therapy Laser Watch Clean Blood Laser Therapeutic Acupuncture Anti Aging Medical Watch Laser in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health

Product Specification

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Model Number: 3 Color Laser Watch

Brand Name: ATANG

Size: Medium

Application: Hand

Material: Zinc alloy

Place Of Origin: Wuhan, Hubei, China

Laser Watch Material: Zinc alloy with Leather Watch Band

Product Name: tinnitus laser watch

Laser wavelength: 3 Color Red Laser Combine Blue Light And Yellow Light Watch

Accessories: Therapeutic Acupuncture Watch Laser

Feature: High Blood Pressure Therapy Clean Blood Trash, high blood fat

Function: Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,stroke.

Feature 1: Improved blood flow and microcirculation, blood viscosity

For people: Heart Disease Patients Stroke sufferers Diabetics People

effect2: Body Detoxification and Immunity

Watch Laser Work it : Inhibits Platelet Aggregation & Activates Fibrinolysis


Diabetics High Blood Pressure Therapy Laser Watch Clean Blood Laser Therapeutic Acupuncture Anti Aging Medical Watch Laser

About laser watch:

LLL Laser Watch is an innovative triple-play device that uses the latest research in the field of low-level laser treatments.It combines acupuncture, local pain management and external blood exposure and will be your ideal partner, whether at home, at work or on the go. The watch is equipped with a sore pad, ear applier and nose applier.

How to operate the semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument?

1. Firstly, wear only for left hand. The device's back part correspond with the radial artery.
2. Then, stick the nasal cavity head into your nose for 2-3 cm and clamp the nasal septum.
3. Press on/off key to turn on the power. Again press one second to start the treatment ( notice: long press of the on/off key will shut down the instrument). you can see the laser coming out from the phototherapy instrument probe during the treatment. 
4. After the treatment is finished, long press on/off key to shut down the instrument. Store in a safe place after cleaning ( gently wipe by tissue) the therapy head.
5. If you choose the pain relief probe for body pain treatment. Insert the pain relief probe into the pain relief probe treatment socket. Press the on/off key to start the treatment.

How to find the radial artery?
Using two fingers of your right hand to position the outside of the left hand's first wrist line ( see the picture). Then,use the instrument back part of the radial artery laser acupoint correspond with the hand's radial artery to wear the instrument on your left hand.



Red laser :The 650nm Red Laser activates different enzymes and decomposes redundant fat in the bloodstream . It increases the oxygen amount in the blood, boosts metabolism and enhances the process of lipid peroxidation to reduce cholesterol in the vessels.

Blue light stimulates the first complex of the respiratory chain (NADH dehydrogenase).

Instead of just utilizing the red laser, the latest generation now also emits blue light in order to activate regeneration processes by stimulating the different parts of the mitochondrial respiratory chain.

(NADH dehydrogenase).
1)anti-inflammatory effects
2)enhances NO production
3)activates telomerase (Anti-Aging!)

1.Irradiation blood and purify blood garbage,Improved blood flow and microcirculation.

 2:Lower High blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, Cholesterol,blood viscosity.

 3:Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases/diabetes/cerebral thrombosis/stroke/sudden death.

 4.Tinnitus, Rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal polyps


Yellow light  
It has special 590nm wavelength, so it can improve the exchange of oxygen in the cells, to the skin cells to replenish their energy, decomposing pigment, promoting lymphatic drainage, improving the wrinkles, rough skin and etc.

 Selling points:

1. Low level laser irradiation, non-invasive, no side effect, no cross infection, pure green physiotherapy.

2. Above 90% therapeutic effect with positive clinical trial report provided.

3. As household physiotherapy devices, small size, intelligent design, easy operation and convenient carrying.

4. Great marketing margin exists.

5. Certification and patents protection provided with the passing of CE, RoHs and ISO13485



Intranasal Therapy Kit is a low level laser health therapy equipment with a range of 650nm laser light that is used together with our Laser watch Therapy to help cure migraines, vertigo, insomnia, complaints of the nose to blood circulation in the brain. Intranasal is used in the nose.

Laser watch Therapy Device is highly recommended to be used for:

Heart Disease Patients

Stroke sufferers


People with High Blood Pressure

Excess Cholesterol Patients

Busy worker

Unbalanced Diet

Sleep often late at night

Lack of exercise

Having excess weight (obesity)

Smokers and alcoholic drinkers

Often consume oily and sweet foods



After 1 ~ 3 months treatment:

 Headache,dizziness,chest tightness,shortness of breath, palpitations,drowsiness,insomnia,numbness,memory loss and other symptoms change or disppear.


After 3 months treatment:

User tests changes in blood flow,blood tests,blood viscosity, cholesterol,triglyceride, low density lipoprote or other indicators fall back to normal.


 After  6 months  and long term treatment:

 Effectively improve and treat some diabetic,specially type2 diabetic sufferer.Effectively the balance of their pancreas function.Long-term using will reject cardiovacular and cerebrovascular & stroke & sudden death & hemiplegia.




1. Stimulating Mitochondria

Mitochondria are body cells that are responsible for producing energy for the body by using cholesterol and blood sugar as fuel. The emission of Low Level Laser to blood vessels can stimulate Mitochondria to work more actively in producing the body's energy, therefore it requires more Cholesterol and Blood Sugar to be burned so that blood sugar and cholesterol can be reduced and the body's Energy Increases.

2. Stimulating Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is the most important component in muscle formation and helps to smoothen the amount of blood flow to the body's tissues. Low beam emission Level lasers can stimulate blood vessels to release more Nitric Oxide, allowing more oxygen to be delivered to the muscles being trained. If the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles is sufficient, the blood flow becomes smoother and your body will recover faster.

3.Stimulating Melatonin Hormones

Melatonin hormone is a hormone that plays an important role in regulating the sleep cycle (i.e., circadian rhythms), maintaining cell health, maintaining regularity and stability of cell metabolism, facilitating blood flow, and lowering cholesterol. Melatonin production is also related to age. The older the age of a person the production of melatonin produced also decreases this causes many to experience sleep disturbances / insomia, Low Level Laser Light Beam on blood vessels can stimulate increased production of the hormone Melatonin, so that blood flow becomes more smooth, can also overcome Sleep Disorders / Insomnia.

4. Body Detoxification and Immunity

Seamless blood flow makes the kidneys work optimally and the liver function as neutralizing toxins can go well, so the body's resistance to illness increases

5. Inhibits Platelet Aggregation & Activates Fibrinolysis

Low Level Laser Light Prevents blood viscosity and decomposes blood clots to facilitate blood flow.


Prevent Thrombosis, Heart Attack and Stroke.

The risk of thrombosis is especially high during long-distance flights or long car journeys due to the limited room to move.
The sitting posture causes a decrease of blood flow in the veins which might then lead to fluid retention and thrombosis.
A thrombosis is a blood clot in a vein. If it dissolves and reaches the lungs it can result in lung embolism.
Because of the air pressure fluctuation, low humidity and little fluid intake there is an increased risk of heart attacks and
heart and circulatory problems for patients with cardiac diseases.
A heart attack is a persistent circulation disorder and is caused in most cases by a blood clot which can cause a closure of
the coronary arteries. Many cardiac muscle cells are dying during a heart attack and influence the functionality if this vital organ.
Stroke is caused by clogged blood vessels and bleeding in the brain. Low cabin pressure and physical inactivity during the
flight might present possible risk factors.
A scientific research has already demonstrated the blood flow-increasing effects of the Laser Watch.

Wuhan ATANG Technology Co.,LTD is a fast developing high technology manufacture in field of using cold lasers for medical treatment with our patented design and own brand--ATANG  &  LASPOT.We have a unique range of devices such as

LLLT laser watch therapeutic device.
LLLT Cold laser pain management  device.

Laser Vaginal therapy device.

Insomnia CES therapy device

Skin Beauty therapy device.

It combination of different laser wavelengths With Chinese acupuncture which we see significantly improved therapeutic results, across many different areas of medicine including blood clean,pain management, rehabilitation, dermatology,
 dentistry, neurology, orthopedics, acupuncture and also for Cardiovascular laser therapy.


All of products are protected by national patents and approved by CFDA( Chinese food and drug administration), CE, ISO13485 and positive clinical test report.



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